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Can CH Gariwyn Yukon Gold PCD RN TDX UTD VC
(March 23, 2001 - May 15, 2008)
K9Data Pedigree
Dawson was my first show dog. He took a long time to mature and as a result, a long time to finish. But I never gave up! He was the first dog that I finished a Canadian Championship on. 
He was also my first performance dog. I made many mistakes along the way and he was always a good sport about it! I have Dawson and his great nose to thank for getting me into tracking! He loved to track and I was really just the "dope on the rope" following behind as he took me along for the ride!
Dawson was incredibly smart but also very stubborn. He constantly tested my patience and ability, but made me a better trainer because of it and taught me so much. 

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